Nothing in healthcare happens in a vacuum. Changes from each decision ripple outward and impact process, staff and resources in unexpected ways. The Simple Solution team has a deep understanding of complex systems and works with each customer to ensure that your goals and programs align with your resources, competencies and staff.We work with your staff to understand perceived challenges and opportunities in changes as they occur, and work on your behalf to create processes and tools for your team’s success.

  Recent Examples

  •  Integrated Health System: Overlapping strategic consultants created a series of changes that left the care coordination team without definition and direction. Our team was brought in as “an extension of the management team’” to identify challenges and roadblocks from that kept care coordination from effectively running the intended program. Our team was brought in specifically to be an operational support team due to ‘consulting fatigue’.
  • Integrated Post-Acute Care Network: A regional health system wanted to create a partner network whose post-acute patient navigation matched their re-hospitalization, patient satisfaction and communication goals. Simple Solution was engaged to design, map, train and perform the implementation management of the network.
  • Consulting Coordinator: A mid-sized health network had multiple consultants working in different towers making recommendations which overlapped and conflicted. Simple Solution was brought in to review the recommendations, and identify conflicts, impact and unintended consequences. As the team with no delivery conflict, our team was tasked with providing the leadership with our analysis, pros/cons and recommendations for their review and decision.



Our team understands the trade-offs between cost and quality in a highly regulated environment and strives to have every program deliver an outcome which improves your business. We seek to improve your operational and cost efficiency and free your time to enhance the outcomes for your patients and employees.