Health care companies occupy a unique space in our workforce. The normal lines between employee, customer, and community are blurred.

The unique environment and pressures make the right workforce and the wellness of that workforce critical for today’s health care employers.

The Simple Solution team has unrivaled expertise in the Workforce Solutions arena. Our team has not only managed a health care system, but also has experience from leading workforce management and outsourcing organizations.

Areas of Focus

  •  Talent Acquisition Strategy: Our team has designed and run talent acquisition programs for leading employers on a global basis. Whether you would like to improve your current staffing process and costs, or are considering outsourcing the function; our team has the expertise to health your design and measure your desired outcomes.
  • Vendor Exploration and Adoption: There are many technologies and services which enable stronger workforce acquisition and engagement, however choosing the best option is confusing. The Simple Solution team will work with your team to review the options and make the best choice for your culture and budget. After your choice, we work with your team to ensure the adoption of the new technology or service makes it a worthwhile investment
  • Cost Control: There are many ways to control workforce costs without resorting to just cutting the numbers. We will work with your leadership to build the best outcome ranging from cost control in talent programs through stronger workforce utilization.
  • Workforce Wellness: Truly engaging and retaining your workforce goes beyond the realm of reviews and surveys. The best wellness programs combine traditional actions with areas like corporate responsibility, community engagement and strong communication programs. Each program our team designs is as unique as the health partner we serve.