Balance is everything. Health systems must evenly measure the impact of all decisions on issues ranging from finance and patient satisfaction through ACO impact and community relations.Simple Solution Consulting is a partner that doesn’t design solutions in a bubble. We have been system operators and operational managers and understand that a mis-step has deep consequences.We look at each program from a holistic viewpoint that takes into account its impact on clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, financial impact and workforce engagement.

Recent Examples

  •  Navigated Post-Acute COPD Pilot: Simple Solution designed, mapped and managed an integrated post-acute care program which navigated patients for 90 days post discharge. Program achieve 77% reduction in re-hospitalizations and 40% increase in patient satisfaction.
  • Palliative Care Program: Designed and implemented an integrated Palliative Care program for a health system and it’s home health and hospice partners.
  • Phased Community Health Initiative: Designed an integrated community health initiative which started with a tiered paramedicine intervention program. The initiative progressed through an emergency department intervention program coordinated between area 911 dispatch and designated home health and paramedicine partners.
  • Behavioral Health Program: Designed a behavioral health program for local health system to increase revenue and reduce cost. Program consisted of greater capture of BH revenue within their scope of practice while diverting and navigating high utilization patients away from their facilities.



Health care is facing unprecedented challenges impacting the financial sustainability, corporate and workforce wellness, and patient care. The Simple Solution team brings to bear the experience of health care operators, administrators, and clinicians partnered with corporate design, process improvement and workforce management practices. 

Every solution we build is designed on the principals of accepted measurement and improvement programs including Six Sigma and ISO derived practices. Our goal is to leave every customer with a program that can measured, managed and improved regardless of our continued involvement.