Simple Solution Consulting is made up of people who believe that health care is important. 
We want our experience to impact and many people as possible, and help our community while making a living.


Simple is both our goal and our methodology in our business. 
We created guiding principles to guide our behavior and our customer’s expectations.


Your goals are our mission.
Our team takes the time to understand the result your company needs and the challenges which need to be overcome.
We will work with your leadership to create a straightforward, concise plan of action to be cost effective without cutting corners.



Simple Solution believes in the power of community knowledge. 
At least half of the information and expertise you need to solve your problems exists within the organization already. 
We excel at looking at the challenge from different perspectives, compiling the knowledge efficiently, 
and providing your leadership with different paths to your desired outcomes. 



If you can’t measure it – it doesn’t exist.
Simple Solution looks believes in the power of qualitative and
quantitative data to build a complete picture so we can build a complete solution. 



Simple Solution knows your business operates in the real world,
and in most cases, there are several paths to reach your destination.
In our planning phase we combine what we have learned from our knowledge base
along with your data and insights to present options for your consideration.



Simple Solution does not deliver a static recommendation and then wash our hands of the process.
We deliver a number of options and avenues to address your challenges and collaborate with your team to choose
the solution. In this manner we allow your budget and culture to link the path between our plan and your execution. 



No program is worth the investment if it can’t be implemented.
Simple Solution can work with you to launch the plan, or transfer the process to you.
Regardless if it is our team or yours, Simple Solution will ensure that you have a documented way
to implement and measure any program we recommend. 



  • Traditional Consulting is hiring a company to come in to analyze and fix your problems. The process is typically wrapped up with a presentation and static plan to fix your problems. Simple Solution believes that most of the knowledge already resides within our customer’s communal knowledge. Where we excel is gathering the knowledge, analyzing it objectively, balancing against our experience and providing a range of options. We work with customers to choose the best path that balances end result, cost, and organizational (employee) impact.
  • We will stay and help with the implementation and launch if the customer feels it is to their benefit and in their budget.
  • We combine the experience of an operator with the experience of programs and functional expertise that has been proven in a broad range of Fortune 500 environments.
  • We are focused on more than just cutting cost – if the lowest common denominator is your goal – we aren’t the team for you. If your goals include making life better for everyone in your ecosystem – patients, employees, communities and partners, then we are the best choice.
  • We understand your business is not static and that the scope may dramatically shift with events beyond your control. Our long term success will not be achieved by forcing our customers to comply with the original statement of work. We expect there will be shifts in your business and develop a communication structure and regular meeting rhythms to ensure that we are shifting with you in a way that is comfortable and cost effective for both organizations.